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Kirby Croin

Birth Photographer & Doula

As a mother of three I know how quickly our children grow up and out of our arms. And I know how varied and difficult the journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood can be. I want to help you find empowerment and create memories you can cherish and pass down for generations. 



Like many, my journey with photography began with my own kids. As I watched my first baby getting older, I grew more afraid of forgetting—the feeling of their tiny hands in mine, the way they made bubble beards in the bath, or how they'd stare out the window waiting for their dad to get home from work. Shortly after I had my second child, my husband bought me a camera. As time slipped through my fingers, I began to document our lives. Having those memories to hold onto soothed me, like tangible evidence of the way things were, and I grew passionate about documenting not just the moments but the feelings behind each one. I wanted to look back at my photos and remember the emotional messiness of it all; the completely overwhelming chaos and love that is family life.

Birth Doula

My journey as a birth doula also began with my own kids. With my first child, I did all of the typical testing and scans that were recommended. This led me to a home birth with midwives that unfortunately resulted in a traumatic birth experience where I felt out of control. My postpartum experience was full of depression and anxiety. With my second child, while I still worked with midwives for the pregnancy and did some selective tests and scans, in the end I gave birth at home without the midwives. It was the most amazing, redemptive experience and led into a relaxed and pleasant postpartum. This was the experience that led me to pursue becoming a doula. 

For the birth of my third child, I did my whole pregnancy outside of the medical system. While I completely understand that this avenue might not be for everyone, it was the most relaxed pregnancy, powerful birth, and peaceful postpartum period I ever could have imagined. It changed my personal perspective on pregnancy, birth, and healthcare. I want to see others enjoy that beauty and empowerment in their own lives, regardless of how much or how little they want the medical system to be a part of the process.

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